Sunday, May 31, 2009

Food Review: Macau Food - FOOD SHOTS from April 09

Macau was still on winter mode when my family went there in April and it was pretty cold.

After we had settled in at our hotel, we immediately went out as most of us were already starving. Luckily, we found a quaint Portuguese/Macanese restaurant near the hotel.

The food was good, I especially liked the huge steamed fish and the rice toppings. (I wasn't able to get pictures of the other dishes so you have to make do with the ff pic)

Macanese + Portugese cuisine: Beef smothered in pepper sauce.
Verdict: I liked this dish, the sauce tasted quite different from what the local Chinese restos serve. Though the sauce was too "malabnaw" for my taste.
Location: Small resto at one of the sidestreets near our hotel. I forgot the name. sorry :(


We also had the chance to go to MGM and buy from their patisserie.
Most of the cakes were really adorable and i picked the cutest one to eat.
The Bunny Head!

The cake was moist but I didn't really like it. No surprise there.
Fun fact # 1: I'm not a chocolate person.

Overall, Macanese food is good!
I liked the dried meat near the Ruinas di Sao Paolo, the rice toppings,
Pork Chop Buns and The famous Egg Tart!

Inaugural Post


Welcome to theFOODlab!

Inaugural post. I have nothing much too say,and I still have to work at the layout and content. So FYI, this blog would be mostly about FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD.

The main focus would be restaurants around Manila or wherever my travels take me. I am not a culinary expert, but i know what "delicious" food is. So sit back, and enjoy my food raves/rants.

I'm still thinking of posting previous travel food pictures/ reviews so I hope that would be up within the week. Unless of course my work would prevent me to do so *sigh*.

Anyway, hurrah for my newest blogventure!



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